Liebster Award and Discovering New Blogs

For those of you who have been reading my posts, you are all fully aware that I’m a “rookie” when it comes to this blog stuff. I really do this for fun and as a hobby, so it was a very pleasant surprise when I was nominated for a Liebster Award by a fellow blogger Brent. Please check out his blog for some interesting and well written short stories and poetry, you won’t be disappointed.

Being nominated for the Leibster Award has given me the opportunity to explore new blogs and bloggers that I may not have otherwise. It sounds like a really fun way to meet new people both near and far! So here is how it works:

– When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
– Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions.
– You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated you!
– Make sure the blogs you choose have 200 or less followers (I’ll do my best with this part!)


Random Facts

1) I am left handed, and work with two other left handed people (this has never happened to me before).
2) Even though I love to bake, I don’t have a sweet tooth.
3) I love dogs, I literally want to hug them all.
4) I have a small wiener dog tattoo on my left arm (see above).
5) The Sopranos is one of my all time favorite shows.
6) I have a girl crush on Zooey Deschanel.
7) I had braces from the age of 11 to the age of 15.
8) I still do not know how to drive a stick shift.
9) My first job was working at Wendy’s, I lasted 3 months.
10) I enjoy watching Nascar races.
11) I am not a morning person.

That was tough, why is it so hard to come up with interesting facts about yourself?

Here are the questions from Brent:

1. What has inspired you creatively in the past week?
Preserving memories, I spent a good part of the week working on a scrapbook. So much fun to go down memory lane 🙂

2. What talent do you not possess that you wish you did?

I wish I could dance, not fancy ballet or anything. Just the ability to move to the music and not look like I’m having a seizure.

3. What book would you adapt to screen if you were a master director/screenwriter?
Its actually a short story written by Stephen King, its called the Long Walk. Its by far my favorite story he has written and would make an amazing movie.

4. Who is your favourite character (any medium) of all time?

Very tough choice, but I have to say Ralph from the Lord of the Flies. A very emotional and eye opening book for me, even to this day.

5. Red or white wine?
Neither, but if I have to chose, white.

6. Red or white pasta sauce?
Red, love making spaghetti sauce!

7. Pencil or pen?
Pen, less smudging.

8. Would you rather travel 300 years into the future or 300 years into the past?

300 years into the past, hands down.

9. What is your favourite Simpsons quote?
Wow, hardest decision ever. “You don’t win friends with salad” – Homer

10. What is your favourite suit in a deck of cards?
Diamonds, they are a girls best friend.

11. Pick one option and name them: revive a now defunct (or dead) band/artist, OR end a current band/artist.

I would revive Freddy Mercury, pretty self explanatory.

And here are the 11 Nominees:

I was not able to find many bloggers with less than 200 followers, I’m still new at this!

Ok, Here are my 11 questions:

1) If you could pick one super power what would it be?
2) Morning person or night hawk?
3) What is the one food you could eat all day every day?
4) All time favorite book or author?
5) One place you want to visit before you die?
6) Sweet or Salty?
7) Favorite attire or clothing to wear while blogging?
8) Dogs or Cats?
9) If you could pick one celebrity or historical figure (past,present, future) to have a conversation with, who would it be?
10) Are you prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse?
11) Favorite movie or tv series?

All right, that was fun! Hope other people will share and enjoy it too 🙂


6 thoughts on “Liebster Award and Discovering New Blogs

    • He’s written tons of short stories and they are some of his best. Stand By Me and the Shawshank Redemption were two short stories in a book called Different Seasons and they were both made into amazing movies. He actually wrote The Long Walk story I mentioned under his pseudonym Richard Bachman, and it was part of his Bachman Books. I’m a Stephen King nerd hahaha!

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