It’s all under control, I have a Nerd Wedding Binder

So most of you lovely people out there know that I am getting married this summer ( Funny thing is, I’m FULLY AWARE that I am getting married this summer too. Just for fun, I did the math, as of today there are 102 days left! But for some reason, everyone around me feels the need to remind me constantly that “the big day is just around the corner”. I know people do this because they care, because they are excited for us, so no offense to those who have said this to me recently. It makes me happy that people are thinking of us and our up coming big day. But please remember, I’m thinking about it A LOT, not all the time, but it takes up a big chunk of my days. Like many brides before me, I lay awake at night thinking of all the things that still need to be done, or I’m trying to picture how the day will go, what it will feel like to walk down the aisle and see my husband to be.

I like to think I’m a pretty laid back bride, I was part of a wedding where the bride was pretty intense (to say the least). I promised myself that IF I ever got married, I would be the coolest, most relaxed bride ever. One of my highest priorities is to make sure I am not driving my mother and bridesmaids crazy, I gave the ladies full permission to bitch slap me if I got out of the hand in any way. They are not there to smile and nod and cater to my every desire, they are there to make sure I don’t lose my shit, and maybe make sure I don’t fall on my face since I’ll be wearing heels. I chose my girls very carefully, based on their abilities to be honest and tell me “no, you don’t need a wiener dog shaped wedding cake, bad idea”. All this to say, I have a great team, and they are also aware that the big day is approaching, there for they are allowed to remind me that I need to get my ass in gear.

So next time, please remember that, YES I know the wedding is coming up soon, NO I’m not ready because there are still 102 days left (I double checked the math), and YES, of course I’m getting nervous/excited. You would assume, that because I am organized and have been planning this shindig for over a year now, these questions would not bother me. But they do, and the fact that I have been hearing them more and more often lately is really starting to get to me (hence this post). The words “bachelorette” and “party” have also been mentioned lately, I made up my mind early on that my party would consist of a relaxing day at the spa followed by supper at a nice restaurant. People who know me will not be shocked by this, I am in no way a party girl. I don’t enjoy drinking (not even wine, gasp!) and I normally prefer the company of a select group of people, or dogs. So wearing a cheap tiara/sash and drinking (insert alcoholic beverage here) out of a penis shaped sippy cup while driving around in a limousine equipped with a stripper pole is my WORST NIGHTMARE. I realize that I am going to be with the same person for the REST of my LIFE, and that carries over to the bedroom part too, but I don’t see how being draped in various penis shaped items, or eating a penis shaped cake will make me feel better (not that I need to be cheered up)? Again, no offense to you ladies out there who enjoy a wild night on the town surrounded by your best friends, it’s just not for me.

And now, for those of you who are concerned, and feel the need to check on my wedding planning progress, prepare to breath a deep sigh of relief. For quite some time now I’ve been using my trusty Nerd Wedding Binder. Yes, I have a wedding binder, its just a little something I put together on my own, no fancy Martha Stewart stationary here. Just and old unused ring binder and some nifty plastic sleeves from the dollar store. Here is a list of what I have included in my binder so far:

Yes that is one of our engagement pictures on the front, awwwwwe!

Contact Information – This is just a quick at a glance sheet that contains names, phone numbers and e-mails of some important people, I put it at the front so I don’t need to search through my binder when I need to reach someone. I have all of this information in my Iphone, but I like it better this way.

Budget and Payment Information – Again this is just a quick at a glance sheet that contains payment information, estimates and quotes that I have received from vendors and it also helps me plan and budget. Since we are paying for everything out of pocket, this helps me decided what needs to be payed for right away, what can wait, and how much we’ve spent and still need to spend. On the flip side of this sheet I made a balance owing sheet, this is a break down of what we owe, and when the final payment is due.


Guest List – This is a must in any wedding binder, I broke down the list for me and for my fiance, I also made columns to check off when the invitation has been sent, and if the person is attending or not. This helped me figure out how many invitations to order, and will eventually tell me how many people will be attending so we can make plans to order enough food, seating, favors etc.


Contracts – I’ve gathered agreements and contracts from various vendors all in one place, the most important ones I have are for the venue, the decor set up and flowers and the make up artist. We will be having the ceremony and reception at the same place, its a restaurant by the beach and is only open for the summer season. The restaurant owner assured me that she normally does not have written contracts with her customers, but I insisted on having one. I typed up a simple contract that stated the date, price and terms that we had both agreed on, we both signed it and I gave her a small deposit to hold our date. If you find yourself in a similar situation, do not hesitate to do the same thing, the venue is too big a part of the day to take any risks or chances. Most vendors will understand, and if they do not want to sign a contract you should think about finding a new vendor.

Pictures – I have printed several pictures from decoration ideas to hairstyles, thanks to Pinterest I have found lots of inspiring ideas. I find it easier to print these off and keep them in my binder, when I meet with vendors or my wedding planer/mother I can show them examples of what I am looking for, instead going through my 2000+ saved pins on Pinterest. Even if you do not have a pinaddiction like myself, it’s easy to go online and google images of what you are looking for. I also have pictures of my dress (my fiance knows that the binder is off limits for this reason), most people want to see your dress, and this is a great way to show them!


Plastic Envelop – This was another dollar store find, its a large plastic envelop that sits at the very back of my binder. It holds all of my little papers, receipts and odds and ends that don’t have a home normally.


And there you have it, my Nerd Wedding Binder. Keep in mind, everything was done using Mircosoft Word, I prefer to type things up because it looks neater and is easier to read, its also easier to make changes and updates later on . But you can do things your way, you can add anything you want, the binder is a way to keep all your information in one place. Its easy to grab when you’re heading out the door and a lot of vendors greet my binder with a smile because it shows that I am somewhat organized and have an idea of what I am looking for. Hope some of you will find this helpful, now get going, your BIG DAY is just around the corner!!!


9 thoughts on “It’s all under control, I have a Nerd Wedding Binder

      • Good luck, I’ve not been the bride myself, yet, and I hope, like you, that I can keep my calm and make it a memory everyone will enjoy.

      • I would be lying if I said I never lose my cool, I’ve experienced a few panicked moments. And I think as the big day grows closer I will have more of those. But for the most part I’m trying to enjoy myself. Before I know it, it will all be over and I hopefully will not have the chance to do it again hahaha!

      • That’s all you can ask for. I hope you get it. I know if it was me, there would be days where I would freak out, but that’s what a good man is for. 🙂

  1. I think your bacherlotte party sounds amazing and perfect for you! Sam and I were talking about it last time we were together and I said you seem more like a girls night down in alma camping with a bbq and bonfire!

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