First Camping Trip of the Year

I love camping! Which is a little funny, since I live in a more rural area and I have a beautiful river in my front yard. It’s not like I live in an apartment in the middle of a busy city and I need to “get away”… There’s just something about sleeping under the stars (in a tent, I’m not that hardcore), cooking your supper on an open fire and visiting new places or old favorite places. Since winter technically lasts about 5 months here, that only leaves a small window to get some serious camping done.

My fiance and I try to get in at least 2-3 camping trips per summer, we’ve gotten it down to a science over the last few years. A while back I waited till the end of the season and got a great deal on an 8 man tent (ample room for the two of us and our dogs) and a queen size air mattress, I may enjoy camping but I also like to be comfortable. Since then we have been gathering various camping items and they all fit nicely into a large plastic container, when we suddenly get the urge to up and go, we just need to grab our tent, mattress, cooler and supplies. Somehow we manage to fit all this, plus two dogs into our Honda Accord, countless hours spent playing Tetris as a child is finally paying off.

Last weekend we decided to head to our favorite spot, Fundy National Park, I have posted several pictures of this beautiful place already ( We were originally planning on going to Kouchibouguac National Park (, another gorgeous park only 30 minutes away (did I mention I love living in New-Brunswick?), but they were calling for some serious rain all weekend. So we headed to Fundy instead, where it only rained a little. I have to say the thing I love the most about this park is that even though I have been going there since I was a little girl, I still haven’t done ALL the trails they have to offer. So after setting up the camp site, we decided to tackle Martin’s Head, a easy to moderate hike about 4-5 kms long, the trail leads you out of the woods and along the spectacular coast line. As usual I was able to snap a few decent shots, here are some of my favorites.









Here are some obligatory dog pictures.



This is a picture of my mini dachshund Layla, I think she was missing her bed so she decided to curl up in a pile of dry leaves.


And here are the furry children cooling off in the river.




For those of you who do enjoy camping, I hope that you find some time this summer to go out and enjoy some fresh air. Remember you don’t need to go far away to have fun and see new places, often we forget to explore our own backyards.


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