DYI Wedding Favour Tags

15 days left to go!!! They say time fly’s and it seems like these last few weeks have gone by at warp speed.

Last weekend I decided to take a page from my own book https://recipesontheriver.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/surviving-the-last-month/, we packed up the dogs and our camping gear and headed out to Bar Harbour, Maine. The weather was great, the blueberry ice cream was delicious and the fresh air was just what we needed. I made a promise to myself that I would not think about or bring up the wedding during the entire weekend, of course it did come up a few times, but they were few and far between.

I also got some great shots while on our mini vacation, Bar Harbour is such a beautiful place, I’ll share some in my next post.

So now that we are back home and back to reality (I really wish I could go camping ALL THE TIME), it’s time to take care of business! One of the many things to cross off my TO DO list was to make the wedding favour tags. For the favours we decided to order chocolates from a local shop run by a lovely couple from France. They are going to make the chocolates and wrap them up, all we have to do is supply the favour tags.

After I ordered everything I sat down with my mom/wedding planer and we came up with a simple DIY project. I really can’t take any of the credit, my mom came up with the creative stuff, I just did the mass production part.

So here are the supplies you will need:

Blank printable business cards. Try to find a thick enough card stock, and try to stick with light colours. These can be found at most stationary supply stores, we got ours at Staples. These are very affordable and come in large quantities, perfect for when you mess up a few. The pack I had contained sheets that were perforated and had 10 cards per sheet.


Stamps and an ink pad, we chose our initials (once we are married we will have the same ones) and the date. We used purple ink, but again you could use any colour you like. You will also need a hole punch, if you decide to tie the tags on with some ribbon.


My mom found these supplies at a craft store (Michael’s), the J was actually an F but she flipped it upside down and modified it a bit. The stamps and ink pad were relatively cheap, I found the date stamp at a different store, but thought it was perfect because it gave you the option to add on a few words at the end. I chose “happy day”.

Step 1 – I guess this part goes without saying, but it’s much easier to make these if you go ahead and break down the sheets into individual cards. Since they are perforated its an easy job, I sat down in front the tv one night and got a bunch done in no time. Or you could delegate this task, it’s pretty fool proof.


Step 2 – Chose a design, again my mom came up with the placement of the letters, I just added the date at the very bottom. You will want to do a few practice runs to get the hang of it. Stamps are very unforgiving. I saved some of the ones I messed up to put in my wedding Smash Book later on. Once you get the hang of it, you are ready to mass produce!


I found it easier to start with the J, then the W and then stamp the date on the bottom. I would stamp 10 cards at a time since I didn’t have a very large work space, and I used scrap paper on my table to make sure I didn’t get ink everywhere. You will get some on your hands, or maybe you won’t, I’m kind of messy…




And voila! I made 140 of these, we ordered 130 favours but the shop owner suggested I make 10 extra tags in case some ripped while they were tying them on. I thought this was an excellent idea, and I’m glad she thought of it so I’m sharing with you all of you!
I didn’t have a hole punch at home, so I snuck these into work and used the hole punch there.



Remember to be creative, you could easily use the back of the card to write “thank you”, if you are not doing actual thank you cards. There were hundreds of stamps to chose from, you can add a little design or use different coloured inks to match your colour scheme. You could also use a fun shaped hole punch or crimped scissors to make the edges more interesting. I decided to keep things simple, but go nuts if you feel like it! I actually enjoyed this little task, brought me back to arts and crafts time when I was a kid, but with a little less sparkles and glue in my hair by the end.

So I hope this project inspires some of you, the letters DIY can be intimidating. Especially to those of use who are not crafty, artsy or creative. But with these simple supplies you can add a little personal touch to your favours that is easy and very cost effective. I love how all of them are a little different, and imperfect, even the mismatched letter fonts look good together. I feel like they fit right in with our laid back outdoor wedding, and hopefully guests will admire them for a second before they rip them off to get to the delicious chocolates inside.


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