Honeymoon in St-Paul de Vence, France

St-Paul de Vence was our last day trip and also the only place we visited that was not attainable by train or situated by the coast. My mother in law had suggested we visit this place since it was one of her favorite spots, and it did not disappoint! St-Paul de Vence is a small fortified village that was constructed in the 11th century, it now holds several boutiques, art galleries and restaurants all nestled inside tall stone buildings and narrow cobblestone passages.

We did some research (very happy we had free wifi access in our apartment) and found out we would have to take a bus to get to our destination. So far we had used the tram to get around Nice, and the trains to visit other cities but we had not taken the bus yet. We checked out the bus schedule on the website and found it very confusing, so we got up early and walked to the nearest bus information center (there was no station, just a location where tickets and passes could be purchased). From there we got a schedule and found out what bus we needed to take and where the bus stop was located. Luckily we arrived early and were able to get seats, the bus filled up quickly with both tourists and locals. The ride took about 45 minutes since there were frequent stops and we were able to see several smaller towns right outside of Nice. The bus dropped us off right at the entrance, and once we were inside and made our way higher up we were greeted with stunning views of two deep valleys on either side.

Even though we were not near the ocean the scenery and architecture made the bus trip completely worth it. Since we were there in September there were still lots of other tourists but it was not so jam packed that we couldn’t appreciate all there was to see. We checked out the views, lots of little shops where we found great souvenirs and admired several art pieces that would have looked great in our place if were richer and did not have to bring them back in our suitcases. We visited for a few hours, but by then we were hot, sweaty and tired, and La Promenade des Anglais with its clear blue water was calling our name. St-Paul de Vence was a great way to finish off all our day trips, here are some of my favorite shots from that day.






















4 thoughts on “Honeymoon in St-Paul de Vence, France

  1. J’adore la France! It’s amazing how the streets are so small. Thanks for your photos, it gives me great inspiration to visit this small village one day.

    • Yes! We live in Eastern Canada, so the culture and surroundings were very different and refreshing. It also helps that we speak french in our neck of the woods! My husband and I would love to visit more of Europe someday, but Nice and the surrounding areas are a great place to start. Hope you make it there someday soon 🙂

      • You’re very fortunate to be able to speak french then! That makes your trip to France even more enjoyable if you speak the language. I’ve been learning French for about 4 years now, but it is still difficult even today. That would be a great idea to visit more of Europe. Those countries are like a goldmine, filled with different cultures & cuisine. Thank you, me too I hope to be able to make it there one day 🙂

      • Our French is very different so there was still a bit of a language barrier, but overall it was nice to be able to communicate with the locals. French is a very complicated language, and this is coming from a French person! So don’t give up 🙂 We had connecting flights in Germany, we would have loved to be able to visit Munich and Frankfurt but we were only there for a few hours. And with the train systems it’s so cheap and easy to travel between countries and visit so many places.

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