Honeymoon in Antibes, France

Antibes was another day trip done by train, the weather was beautiful once again so we decided to have a beach day. Before hoping on the train, we stopped by a grocery store and stocked up on some cheese, fruit, drinks and of course a baguette! From the train station we made our way towards the water, we walked along side a very large marina full of boats and yachts of all shapes and sizes. We then visited the older part of the city and found the first of three different beaches, this one had sand so we decided to set up and have a snack before we went for a swim. Once we had cooled off, we did some more sight seeing, and visited an archeology museum, to our disappointment there were no dinosaur bones…. To lift our spirits we had some gelato and headed back to another beach to cool off some more, we were on vacation after all! There was lots to see and the older part of the city had some interesting architecture, here are a few of my favorite shots.

Boats as far as the eye can see

Boats as far as the eye can see



Very interesting art installation

Very interesting art installation



View from the beach

View from the beach





More pebbles

More pebbles


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